Athletic Training




The Pomona-Pitzer athletic training staff has currently adapted an online injury tracking system. Current paperwork will be found on this website: ( and is now to be completed by the athlete, with the exception of the MD medical clearance. There are several important items that must be read and completed online before you will be cleared for athletic competition. This information will be used to establish your personal and confidential medical file. This is a new system for all athletes, click on the link below for detailed instructions. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT THE SPORTS MEDICINE STAFF! 

If you are registering on for the first time: Click Here

If you are a returning student-athlete who has already registered on Click Here

Pomona-Pitzer Athletic Training Room
Kirk Jones, Head Trainer
Rebecca Roark, Assistant Trainer
Matt Wilson, Assistant Trainer


For information about student-athlete health and resources, including dietary supplements, nutrition and frequently asked questions, visit the following free resource page from the NCAA: 

NCAA Resource Exchange Program

Services Provided to Varsity Student-Athletes

     A.    Assessment of injury and illness
     B.    Acute Care of injury and illness
     C.    Rehabilitation of injuries
          1.    Therapeutic exercise
          2.    Therapeutic modalities
          3.    Biomechanics / core stability training
          4.    Rehabilitative techniques
               a.    Range or motion
               b.    Strengthening
               c.    Tissue Release
     D.    Protective taping, bracing and padding
     E.    Injury treatments pre and post-practice
     F.    Return to play evaluations
     G.   Nutritional assessment
     H.   Education regarding specific conditions and general health
     I.    Game coverage
     J.    Practice coverage as able

     A.    Statistics and Research
     B.    Record and catalogue injury reports
     C.    Processing of insurance claims
     D.    Conduct mass sport pre-participation physical exams
     E.    Coordinate initial and follow up physician appointments
     F.    Daily communication with coaches about student athlete status
     G.   Maintain athletic emergency cards
     H.   Strength and conditioning programs.